Africans for Africa Network - MEDIA RELEASE

Africans for Africa Network launches game-changing North-South Collaboration at WOMEX 13

Wales Cardiff, 25 October 2013: The recently inaugurated Africans for Africa Network today launched a game-changing North-South collaboration at WOMEX 13.

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Caravan for Peace from 30 August to 25 Sept

1st Africans for Africa Network Press Release

Johannesburg South Africa: The just-launched Africans for Africa Network aims to change the prevailing narrative of Africa, from one driven by Western media to one that reflects the inherent strengths and empowerment of the continent, across a variety of different, African-centred platforms.

Should you wish to support the Africans for Africa network and be part of a movement for changing the African narrative and for media interviews with the organisers and more information please contact (011) 788 7632 or Festival au Desert

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