How to attend the festival

The best way to attend the Festival Au Desert is by booking both your ticket and transportation. We highly discourage trying to reach the festival on your own, as it can be difficult and potentially hazardous traveling alone without an expert guide or driver. Customized tours are available for a safe and unforgettable experience. Even if you don't want to travel in a group, it's a good and recommended approach to get in touch with one of our Partner Travel Agency: all of them can help you organize your travel.

The Hub of the Travel Agencies Partners of the Festival is now open. Click to access it.

To be granted the label "Partner of the Festival", a Travel Agency should match the following criteria:

  • It has a valid agreement with the 'Office Malien du Tourisme et de l'Hotellerie' (OMATHO)
  • It has signed a commitment with the Festival for the respect of a number of conditions.

The Partners Travel Agencies benefit of an organized open space within the Festival Site with water and electricity and they have visibility on the Hub where they can present their Tours.